ULRead Software

Checking your engine data has never been more simple.
The new ULRead diagnostic software for ULPower Aero Engines, receives data from the ECU and displays these data on screen.
Engine sensors can easily be monitored - even in flight - and recorded.

ULRead monitors:
•Engine RPM
•Throttle position sensor
•Air temperature sensor
•Oil temperature sensor
•Air pressure sensor
•Fuel pressure sensor
•Oil pressure sensor
•ECU voltage
•Fuel consumption

Failing sensors will be highlighted on screen.

Important: A ULRead Cable is needed to be able to use this software. This is separately available: ULRead Cable - Part n° E080511.

Download the Beta-versions already.

For recent windows versions (win64) please download

For older windows versions ( win32 ) please download

For Mac versions (Apple) please download

Some important remarks: