New service bulletin has been launched

A new service bulletin has been launched on our website .

We would also like to draw your attention to our planned manuals update expected early in December.
As you may know, we launched a service bulletin in July after a user reported a loosened alternator bolt.
We are pleased to note that no further field issues have been reported .
After extensive R&D, and advice from specialists, we have decided to annul this service bulletin. Specialists have confirmed that left hand thread and loctite is a well proven method for this application.
Furthermore , the required actions mentioned in the service bulletin and in the maintenance manuals may have a negative effect on safety if the work is carried out incorrectly. Even though the instructions in the SB and maintenance manuals are well explained, there is always the risk of turning the bolt in the opposite direction and, breaking the the loctite seal which may create its own issues.
Therefore, the alternator bolt check will be removed in the next update of the maintenance manual.

Do feel free to contact us, or your local ULPower agent, should you require any clarifications or more detailed info on this service bulletin.

An e-mail has been sent to all registered ULPower-engine owners.
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