10 year ULPower Aero Engines

2006- 2016 : ULP ‘s 10th anniversary !

Way back in 2006, 4 men united their knowledge and built their first fuel injected aircraft engine.
What started as an experiment, lead to the foundation of the ULPower Company.

10 years later, ULPower has grown from a very small Belgian company to a well-known player in the experimental market. Check our picture gallery to see some of the ULPowered aircraft. As you can see several FWF kits are available for the ULPower engines.
Although, in the course of time, some minor changes were necessary to meet our expectations, we are still producing our engines according to our original philosophy : an engine built to the highest standard with low maintenance costs (we prolonged TBO to 1500 hours) , very simple to install and ready to fly .

We now sell eight airplane engines ranging from 97 hp up to 200 hp. All are dual electronic ignition, fuel injection and FADEC.
As many of the engine components have been designed, and are manufactured in-house by our founding partners, we cannot only ensure a sustainable quality but we are also able to think along with aircraft manufacturers and make custom-made engines.

Not only the range of engines has grown. We already have sales and service points in Europe, Australia, Russia, China, North America and Latin America and are always looking for motivated new people.
Our agents are experienced mechanics who all followed a profound training and know our engines inside out. Check our “upcoming events” and meet our ULP agents at one of the numerous expo’s.

In future, we want to achieve ASTM certification and are convinced that this will lead to new successful business relationships.

Check our website on a regular base for the latest news and/or follow us on facebook.

The entire ULPower family is at your service !