Features & benefits

A lot of engine for your money…..

Every engine is delivered as a complete package - practically ready-to fly. This means they come with an ECU, a wiring harness, the ignitions coil pack , a complete stainless steel exhaust system, an incorporated alternator with rectifier /regulator, electric fuel pump , 2 fuel filters, a fuel pressure regulator, a starter, an air filter, an oil filter, rubber mounts, aluminium ram airboxes, Oil/Air separator (including: temperature resistant hoses and banjo connections, if required).

📢 Read more about unboxing the ULPower UL350iS Aero Engine.

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3 year warranty

Peace of mind for the ULPower pilot:

  • THREE years warranty* from date of invoice for all new non-aerobatic and normally aspirated engines
  • UNLIMITED hours of operation (of course limited to 1500 TBO for all normally aspirated engines)

See standard limited engine warranty

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Easy to install – easy to maintain – easy to operate

Interactive guides with detailed pictures and a free diagnostic software (ulread) , allow an easy installation , maintenance and troubleshooting.
Since almost all sensors are factory installed, there is a plug & play connection through 1 single RS232 or Canbus cable from ECU to a compatible Efis.

No heavy maintenance is required until TBO is reached With our interactive guides, you can easily do all line maintenance by yourself.

Single lever control - reduced pilot workload and more comfortable/enjoyable flying. FADEC reduces a pilot's engine management tasks to simply selecting the desired power setting through a single control. You can forget about managing the engine and focus on flying.

All engines come with an integrated by-pass system in the fuel injector block – eliminating the need for external plumbing solutions.

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