What is the oil consumption of the ULPower engine ?

The oil consumption of the ULPower engine (and of any engine) is dependant on a number of factors:

The capacity of the oil sump of the ULPower engine is 2.5 liters (+/- 2.5 quarts) excluding the extra volume needed for the spin-on oil filter, extra lines and an eventual oil cooler. We supply an air/oil separator as a standard feature with our engine. The small amount of oil which accumulates in the separator flows through a check valve back into to oil sump. The air exiting the separator has no oil mist at all which has been confirmed by the complete lack of oil traces underneath the fuselage of the aircraft.

The oil level in the M106 test aircraft's ULPower engine had hardly changed after many hours of flight testing. There would normally be some oil "consumption" but because of some small leaks the quantity has been difficult to measure accurately. The oil level in a MCR01 equipped with a UL260iF hasn't during a 38 hours flight out and back between Toulouse and Saint-Louis, Senegal. Other pilots confirm their ULPower engine consumes hardly any oil.

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