Fuel connection kit - Reusable (K0200001)

This kit is intended to complete the fuel system with fuel lines and steel banjo fittings type reusable.

A fuel pump, pre-filter and fine filter are provided with the engine.


K0200001 contains the following spare parts

1 meter $part->title() F2550005 Push on hose-08-1/2
4 meter $part->title() F2550002 Reusable hose FC333-6AN
5pcs $part->title() F3006000 Reusable Straight -6JIC
2pcs $part->title() F2510312 Banjo Eye M12/-6JIC
1pc $part->title() F2510314 Banjo Eye M14/-6JIC
1pc $part->title() F2521400 Banjo Bolt M14x1.5
1pc $part->title() F2531200 Hex Cap Nut M12x1.5
4pcs $part->title() S3121715 Copper Sealing Ring ø12x17x1.5
2pcs $part->title() S3141815 Copper Sealing Ring ø14x18x1.5
1pc $part->title() E065001 Check Valve -6JIC
1pc $part->title() E060002 Fuel pump and prefilter bracket
1pc $part->title() E060001 Fuel Fine Filter bracket
4 $part->title() F2580007 Hose clamp Ø40-60 screw
1 $part->title() F2521200 Banjo Bolt M12x1.5
3 $part->title() F2580014 mini ABA hose clamp ø20 (reusable)

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