Maintenance kit - First maintenance kit UL350 (K0700002)


K0700002 contains the following spare parts

1 $part->title() T063006 Propeller Flange holder
1 $part->title() T063018 Torque key cylinder head
1 $part->title() S3141815 Copper Sealing Ring ø14x18x1.5
4 $part->title() L0100111 Aero Shell W15W-50; unit 1 litre
1 $part->title() E042010 Oil Filter 3.5 and 5.2
1 $part->title() E062001 Air Filter ø48 x 10° (for UL260/350)
2 $part->title() E064003 Fuel Filter (Prefilter)
1 $part->title() E064001 Fuel Filter (Fine)
8 $part->title() E070502 Spark Plug
2 $part->title() E071504 Spark Plug Cover
2 $part->title() E071501 Ignition Coil Cover
2 $part->title() E071505 Copper Clamp for Ignition Coil Cover

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