Oil cooler kit - Reusable 4-cylinder (K0100001)

If you wish to install an oil cooler, this kit has everything you need to install the cooler in front of the oilsump.

The first oil filter comes with the engine.


K0100001 contains the following spare parts

1pc $part->title() E042515 Oil Thermostat
1pc $part->title() E042007 Oil Filter Adaptor Screw M20x1.5
3pcs $part->title() S3202615 Copper Sealing Ring ø20x26x1.5
2pcs $part->title() F2560015 Adaptor M20X1,5 - 8JIC
2m $part->title() F2550001 Reusable Hose FC33-8AN
2pcs $part->title() F3008045 45°Reusable -8JIC/Swivel
2pcs $part->title() F3008090 90° Reusable -8JIC/Swivel
1pc $part->title() E040010 Oil cooler bracket 4 cyl
2pcs $part->title() F2210100 Disc spring - M10 - type s ELVZ
2pcs $part->title() F0110025 Cap screw M10 X 25-8,8 yellow
6pcs $part->title() F2662015 Silent bloc M6 type A-hoogte 15
12pcs $part->title() F2710006 Plain washer M6
12pcs $part->title() F5103060 Prevailing hex nut all metal M6
2pcs $part->title() E040015 Oil cooler support
1pc $part->title() SE042520 Extention connection oil thermostat
1 $part->title() E0456116 HD Oil Cooler -8JIC 115mm x 16rows

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