General - Intercooler kit - side - UL520T (K0600004)

This kit contains a ULP custommade intercooler and connections


K0600004 contains the following spare parts

1 $part->title() SBE210220 Intercooler side (230 x 400 x 90 mm)
2 $part->title() SBE210260 Hose black diam51 L=100 mm
2 $part->title() SBE210240 BEND 90° black diam 51
1 $part->title() SBE210230 Alu tube diam 50 x 1.5
10 $part->title() F2580007 Hose clamp Ø40-60 screw
1 $part->title() SBE210245 Bend black 45° diam 51

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